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Tak sangka.....rupanya pendaki2 puncak tertinggi di dunia ni menyumbang sampah di Gunung Everest...sepatutnya no plastic or glass atau pun sesuatu yang sukar hancur atau pupus dilarang dibawa ke atas...tapi yelah sejak 1953...apapun manusia rupanya sama saja di mana2.....

Pasukan pembersih Everest...
Pendaki bersihkan Everest 

KATHMANDU - Sekumpulan pendaki mula menuju ke Gunung Everest, semalam, dalam satu ekspedisi membersihkan bertan-tan sampah yang ditinggalkan pendaki di puncak gunung tertinggi di dunia itu. 

Sejak Gunung Everest ditakluki buat kali pertama pada 1953, ribuan pendaki yang mendaki gunung itu meninggalkan pelbagai jenis sampah seperti botol oksigen, tali, khemah dan lain-lain. 

Undang-undang yang digubal kerajaan Nepal bagi memaksa pendaki membawa turun peralatan yang digunakan atau kehilangan wang deposit masih tidak dapat membendung masalah sampah di kawasan gunung itu. 

Pasukan pendaki itu merancang untuk membawa turun kira-kira 5,000 kilogram sampah dari Everest. 

Selain itu, pengangkat barang dan pemandu ekspedisi lain turut akan bekerjasama dengan pasukan itu dan akan dibayar 100 rupee (RM4) untuk setiap kilogram yang dikutip.

Everest team on rubbish mission

6 Apr 2011

A team of mountaineers led by a veteran Sherpa guide has flown to Mount Everest to begin an expedition that aims to clear away tons of rubbish left on the world's highest peak.
The expedition team plans to bring down 11,000lb of refuse from the slopes of Everest during the spring climbing season.
The team's leader, Apa, has climbed Everest a record 20 times.
Apa's team hopes to bring down 8,800lb of refuse from the lower part of the mountain, and another 2,200lb from the area near the 29,035-foot-high summit.
The team will get help bringing down the rubbish by members of other expeditions who will be paid 100 rupees (1.40 US dollars) for every kilogram they carry down.
Apa, who has climbed the world's highest peak 20 times, said: "I want to do this for my country, my people and for Everest."

How dirty is Everest? The Everest Clean up Debate

19th November 2010

everest base camp trek
Both Sky and BBC news recently featured reports of an Everest clean up expedition where “20 people braved the dangerous "death zone" conditions of Mount Everest” to clear the peak of rubbish left behind by climbers. Sky news calls Everest the “world’s highest dump”, with “more than 4,000 adventurers having scaled the peak since 1953.” The reports also featured a video of the trash collection by tourism officials in Nepal. Extreme Everest Expedition 2010, led by Namgyal Sherpa, went above the 8,000-metre mark to collect empty oxygen bottles, gas canisters, torn tents, ropes and utensils. The expedition grabbed the attention of the media as this was the first team to venture into the thin air and freezing temperatures of the so-called death zone. 
everest expeditions and clean up

There have been many expeditions to clean up Everest over the years. Just how dirty is Everest and does it really need such massive clean up operations? Or are these expeditions just a way for people to raise the finance for their Everest climb? And what actually happens to the waste?Katy Dartford takes a look at the issues involved.

everest clean up expeditions
How dirty?


Mount Everest's Death Zone Gets Clean-Up

12:21pm UK, Monday July 19, 2010
Katie Cassidy, Sky News Online

A group of 20 people have braved the dangerous "death zone" conditions of Mount Everest to clear the peak of rubbish left behind by climbers

    Tourism officials in Nepal have released a video of the trash collection, which has been gathering on the mountain for decades.
    More than 4,000 adventurers have scaled the peak since 1953, which means it has become the world's highest dump.
    Canisters discarded on Mt Everest
    The melting snow reveals the rubbish (Photo: Extreme Everest Expedition 2010)
    Many climbers leave behind their used gear and rubbish before they descend due to exhaustion and lack of oxygen.

    Good discipline but bad attitude...whoah!


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