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Bantahan dan pandangan juga fakta2 menyokong dan membantah  Projek rare Earth di Gebeng,Kuantan tapi apa yang pasti (bagi aku) projek itu akan diteruskan juga kerana langkah pembinaan awal telah berjalan dengan pesatnya.Apa yang menjadi tandatanya aku ialah kenapa ia terus menjadi projek rare earth terbesar di dunia ?Kalau bina yang sederhana dulu untuk tujuan percubaan adalah logiknya dan cukupkah kajian selama sebulan atau dua untuk memastikan projek ini selamat kepada seluruh warga manusia berdekatan (kita juga sebenarnya kerana Malaysia bukan besar sangat)?Tuhan telah tunjukkan akibatnya di Jepun,terpulang pada kita untuk mengambil ikthibar.Siapa kita,hanya buih yang mengikut pukulan ombak...jika baik sama2lah kita rasa manisnya dan jika buruk sama2lah kita telan kesannya...setahu aku jika ia berlaku ia adalah hadiah untuk anak2 kita yang kita akan tinggalkan.....wallahualam.

M'sia appoints safety panel to allay fears of radioactive pollution
By Melissa Goh | Posted: 22 April 2011 1942 hr

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has appointed a panel of independent experts to review safety standards at a rare earth factory in the east coast state of Pahang, as an attempt to allay public concern over the threat of radioactive pollution.

In January 2008, the Malaysian government awarded Australian miner, Lynas Corporation, licence to operate a rare earth processing plant at Gebeng industrial estate in Kuantan, Pahang.

However, now that the US$230 million facility is almost ready, residents are raising concerns about their backyard becoming a dumping ground for radioactive waste.

A protest, staged last month, called on the government to shut down the refinery before it starts operation in September.

Residents protesting to shut down the refinery before it starts its operation in September.

Bowing to pressure, the government set up a panel of up to seven independent experts to review safety standards.

"Let me assure you, that the safety of the people has the the highest priority of this people-first government, the government of Malaysia. We will never compromise the public interest in handling the Lynas issue,'' said Mr Mustapha Mohamed, Malaysia's Minister of International Trade and Industry. 

The Minister said no pre-operational license will be issued, neither will there be any import of radioactive raw material from Australia, before the review is completed.

The panel, led by Director General Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan, will also seek advice from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

"There's no known study to show that naturally occurring radiation does cause congenital abnormalities, or cancer, or anything we know of," said Mr Raja. 

"And, therefore, like any technology, nuclear technology is just like that - the benefits will have to outweigh the risks," he added. 

However, critics fail see how Malaysia will benefit from such investment, since the Australian mining company Lynas was given a 12 year tax break by the government.

Lynas defended the refinery in Gebeng as being environmentally safe.

Once operational, it is expected to meet almost one third of the world's demand, excluding China which produces more than 95 per cent of global supply.

Rare earths are essential in the manufacture of hybrid cars, smartphones and bombs.

Authorities face an uphill battle to explain to the people, why the plant is needed.

"You don't use your handphone? You don't use your iPad? What do you think goes into these things?" said Ms Rebecca Fatima Santa Maria, Malaysia's Secretary General. 

The independent panel is expected to deliver its findings after one month.

- CNA/cc


Lynas says review will not delay Gebeng plant

April,22 2011

In a statement,Lynas reiterates the confidence the riview will reconfirm
the plant is safe.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 — Lynas Corp said today an independent review panel to be set up by the Malaysian government will not slow the start-up of its rare earths refinery in Gebeng, Pahang, scheduled for September.“Lynas understands that the review will be completed within a month and as such believes the review will have no impact on the anticipated completion day of the project,"the Sydney- base company said in a media statement.
Lynas is confident the review will reconfirm that the plant is safe andpresent no hazard to the community or Lynasworkers,"it added

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Who want to listen to us.....we are only ordinary citizen...more than that we are nothing..ohh! we are a tax payee!


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