Sunday, April 24, 2011


Technology is something that always have a revolution on its....always a new idea come out,its will never stop  because its human creation...Let compare with GOD creation....completed....perfect,no modification will do.As reference:Our body-nothing can be done to make it more perfect(its already perfect/completed), damages will happen if you try to changes your nose hole,try to alter it up side down,how do you think what will happen?Ha..ha..fingerprint..everybody in this world got a different ones!So,how clever human is they still human that created by GOD!Remember that!
(still learning)

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Robot mampu rasa sesal, buat ramalan 

TEL AVIV - Komputer dan robot pada masa kini semakin hampir memiliki emosi manusia apabila sekumpulan saintis mula mengajar komputer untuk merasai perasaan sesal. 

Menurut saintis, kebolehan komputer untuk berasa sesal akan membolehkan alat itu bekerja dengan lebih cepat dan meramal sesuatu kejadian. 

Penyelidik sedang membangunkan sebuah program yang boleh mengarahkan komputer dan robot untuk melakukan sesuatu sebelum arahan itu dihentikan secara sengaja. 

Pemahaman mengenai perbezaan hasil sesuatu tindakan dan kehendak realiti akan membolehkan komputer belajar merasa sesal dan mengurangkan kemungkinan mengulangi kesalahan sama, sekali gus menjadikan mesin itu lebih cekap. 

Komputer turut diajar meramal masa depan dengan mempertimbang segala kemungkinan sebelum memilih tindakan yang paling sesuai.


Tel Aviv University And Google Team Up To Make Your Computers Feel Sorry


Ever wish your computer felt sorry for not providing you with the results you wanted? Well, the day your computer guiltily racks its virtual brain trying to understand how he can avoid making the same mistakes is closer than you may think.
A new venture initiative by Tel Aviv University researchers, lead by Blavatnik School of Computer Science’s Prof. Yishay Mansour, and funded by Google is aiming to change the way computers prepare for the future by making them take a good hard look into the past.
By providing computers with the ability to learn from past failures and unwanted results, the TAU researchers say they could better prepare for future tasks, minimizing the element of “regret.” “We are able to change and influence the decision-making of computers in real-time,” Prof. Mansour said.
“Compared to human beings, help systems can much more quickly process all the available information to estimate the future as events unfold — whether it’s a bidding war on an online auction site, a sudden spike of traffic to a media website, or demand for an online product,” Prof. Mansour added.
According to a TAU press release, U.S. internet giant Google stepped in to fund the project in the hopes that it would be able to use the research “to improve its own online technologies and businesses, such as its AdWords and Adsense advertising platforms.”
Dont be affraid if one day robot enter the toilet!