Friday, May 6, 2011



You think Ronaldo got a high skill as footballer!?
You think who can get this no:38,896,998  view for their You Tube movie!?

You  think who most crazy compare with him?
You think how mad,serious,focus and off course a real he!?

You think who is he...survey's not the funny video only, but more than that.....

Rémi Gaillard  ....see him on you tube.......berbaloi!!!!

Rémi Gaillard is born 7 February 1975.
Rémi Gaillard became famous for his videos where he displays an "outrageous" style of humour. His videos are mostly posted on hisYouTube channel. In most, Gaillard plays pranks on other people and TV shows.

Who dare disturb this he.....!

The majority of Gaillard's sketches are of the hidden camera type, in which the antagonist performs an unexpected or surprising action to elicit humorous responses from the bewildered witnesses. Gaillard often disguises himself for these sketches. During some pranks, Gaillard is accompanied by a crowd of friends, giving the action a flashmob-like nature. Some other videos may feature acrobatics like aiming footballs at distant goal-like objects, or more still aim to antagonize police forces he interacts with during his sketches.
Rémi shot his first sketch in 1999,[1] with a friend in Montpellier. In 2001, he created an internet website,[1]
He gained notoriety in 2002 at the finals of the Coupe de France. Disguised as an FC Lorient player, he celebrated the team's victory with the players, shook the hand of the then French President Jacques Chirac and signed autographs, without anyone realizing that he was not a player on the team.
Some of his most famous sketches are parodies of The Rocky Balboa movies, Mario Kart and his football videos.
In 2007, he gained the attention of journalists from Le Monde and was invited on a few talk shows.[citation needed].
On his official site, Gaillard claims 993 million views on his videos on the web.[2]
Gaillard also appeared in OranginaPepsiDurex and LG commercials.

___________________Rémi GAILLARD_________________End
Respect his view number...:)