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Storm collapses music festival stage
AEST 15:30, Mon Jul 18 2011
Cheap Trick survive stage collape Pic source:

At least five people were injured, one seriously, after the main stage at Ottawa Bluesfest collapsed during a performance.

American rockers Cheap Trick were playing when strong winds brought the stage down, forcing the band to flee to safety.

Several fans filmed the mayhem of the collapse, which showed debris blowing in the wind and patrons standing around helplessly.
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Twisted shards of metal jutted out from the stage, which stood several stories tall before it was destroyed.

The incident forced the closure of all the venue’s stages on the final night of the Canadian festival.



Watch Storm Collapse Stage As Cheap Trick Plays

Tuesday, 19th July 2011 1:23PM 
Weather is always a worry for festival promoters but this has to be a worse case scenario as the main stage of a Canadian music festival is blown down mid-set by a powerful storm over the weekend.
In what promoters are calling a "freak situation" a sudden storm caused the main stage of the Ottawa Bluefest to collapse on Sunday midway through Cheap Trick's set. The band escaped without injury and only three from an estimated 10,000 people have been confirmed by promoters as injured.
Check out this news report which compiles youtube videos of the collapse.


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