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Giant Concrete Pump Shipping Out Of Los Angeles Headed For Japan

(CNS) Posted Saturday April 9, 2011 – 11:23am
One of the biggest concrete pumps in the world will be shipping out of Los Angeles International Airport for Japan today to be used in containing the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

A 190,000-pound rig with a boom that can reach up to 225 feet was loaded onto a Russian Antonov An-124 at LAX yesterday to be shipped to the nuclear plant crippled in the magnitude-9 earthquake and tsunami March 11.

The pump, which can be operated by remote control, is one of two built by the German company Putzmeister that are being shipped to Japan.

The other is being shipped from Atlanta.

The company's Mary Roberts said the pumps are normally used to pour concrete for bridges and high-rise construction projects, but can be used "to directly target hotspots within the reactors" and help with cooling.

Another Putzmeister concrete pump was used to encase the reactor at Chernobyl after the 1986 disaster, CNN reported.

At the ruined nuclear plant in northern Japan, a similar pump was used to cool the spent-fuel-rod pool at Fukushima Daiichi.


Massive cargo plane transports $2m remote-controlled concrete pump to stricken Japanese nuclear plant
Last updated at 4:12 PM on 9th April 2011
95-ton pump could also bury damaged reactors in concrete

A massive Russian cargo plane has been used to pick one of the world's largest concrete pumps to pour water on the stricken nuclear power plant in Japan.

Rescue giant: A $2million concrete pump is loaded on to a special Russian cargo plane in Atlanta, Georgia

High tech: If necessary, the pump could also be used to bury reactors in concrete

World's largest concrete pump

The 95-ton pump is mounted on a 26-wheel truck and can be operated from two miles away by remote control, allowing it to shoot water into the damaged reactors.
If necessary, it could also be used to entomb one of the damaged nuclear reactors in concrete.
95-ton: The heavy-duty machinery is one of two being flown to Japan to try and avert the nuclear crisis in Fukushima

Dave Adams, CEO of Putzmeister America, the Wisconsin-based company which manufactures the pump, said: 'Our whole company fells hopeful that our equipment can be used to make a difference in helping solve the problem.'
Japanese authorities have struggled to cool the plant's reactors after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami knocked out its backup cooling systems.The stricken plant is believed to have suffered a partial meltdown of its nuclear fuel after desperate attempts to cool the reactors failed.It comes as the Japanese government announced it would ban farmers from planting rice into soil contaminated by radiation from the nuclear power plant.Read more(more pic):

Wonder how they want to transport it to nuclear plant..Japan always have a plan...:)